Amarr Timeline

  • 2370 AD

    The Terran solar system is fully colonized.

  • 3805 AD

    The Conformists, a group within the Unified Catholic Church, settles on Soekheviti.

  • 3841 AD

    The Conformists take control of Soekheviti.

  • 3891 AD

    Warp technology is discovered.

  • 3897 AD

    The Conformists lose power and are exiled from Soekheviti.

  • 4224 AD

    Warp drives for ships invented.

  • 7703 AD

    The wormhole leading to New Eden opens.

  • 7987 AD

    EVE Gate opens.

  • 7989 AD

    The conformists start migrating to New Eden, spurred on by Dano Gheinok, one of their leaders, Gheinok manages to direct them to the planet of Athra.

  • 8000 AD

    Dano Gheinok proclaims himself prophet and sets the foundations of the Amarr theocratic state to come.

  • 8061 AD

    The EVE Gate closes as the wormhole collapses.

  • 8061 AD

    The same year as EVE closes the last group of conformists arrives on Athra. The conformists all settle on the continent of Amarr, from which they later take their name.

  • 16470 AD

    The first Amarr Emperor is crowned.

  • 20022 AD

    The Udorians arrive on Amarr continent, spurring the static Amarr society into rapid changes.

  • 20078 AD

    The reclaiming is launched, the Amarrians start a war to conquer all the lands on Athra.

  • 20371 AD

    The Amarrians conquer the last Udorian state.

  • 20544 AD

    The Amarrians conquer the last state on Athra, they now control the whole planet.

  • 21290 AD

    The first star gate between systems since the collapse of EVE is built between Amarr and Hedion.

  • 21423 AD

    The Amarrians discover the Ealurians and subsequently conquer them in the spirit of the reclaiming.

  • 21875 AD

    The moral reforms start, the status of the emperors alters and the power of the apostles is curbed.

  • 22480 AD

    The Amarrians invade and conquer the Minmatar Empire.

  • 22762 AD

    The current Amarr Emperor is elected. The head of another heir family, Khanid, refuses to acknowledge this and sets out to create his own empire. It is called the Khanid Kingdom a.k.a. Dark Amarr.

  • 22821 AD

    The Sotiyo-Urbaata drive, the first warp drive, is constructed.

  • 23058 AD

    Amarr scientists discover jump drive technology, allowing instant jumps between systems without star gates.

  • 23180 AD

    First contact between the Gallenteans and the Amarrians, soon after the Amarrians come into contact with both the Caldari and the Jovians.

  • 23216 AD

    The Amarr-Jove War – rapidly settled in favor of the Jove at the Battle of Vak'Atioth.

  • 23216 AD

    The Minmatars rebel. The Amarrians and their allies are forced to flee, the minmatar collaborators are set up in their own semi-independent state, they are today known as the Ammatars.

  • 23236 AD

    EST (Eden Standard Time) and the YC dating system established at Yoiul Conference.