Caldari Corporate

The Caldari State stands for corporate capitalism in its purest form. There are eight great Corporations that together own more than 90% of all property within the State. Each of the corporation is made up of thousands of companies of various sizes and various sorts, ranging from simple mining companies to powerful police companies. There is no single, unified government as such, each corporation rules it's territories like their own kingdom with little or nor interference from the other corporations. In higher matters, such as in foreign policy towards the other empires, the Board of Directors, which consists of the CEOs of the eight major corporations, has the highest authority. The Board of Directors also makes sure that the social infrastructure of the State remains intact and settles all major quarrels between the corporations.

The eight major corporations are named:  Kaalakiota Sukuuvestaa Nugoeihuvi Ishukone Wiyrkomi Hyasyoda, CBD and  Lai Dai


CEO: Tibus Heth

Headquarters: Nonni

Chief activity:

Kaalakiota has its fingers everywhere and in everything; they're the closest of the corporation to being a state within the state.

Brief history:

The mighty Kaalakiota humble beginnings date back to the time when the primitive Caldari were being economically exploited by the much more advanced Gallente Federation. The Kaalakiota, or KK as it's often called, dabbled in trade with the Gallenteans, but soon started raking in wealth on real estate and manufactures. The KK was at the forefront of the Caldari opposition against the Gallente Federation, something the corporation used to its great advantage.


CEO: Morimo Yagala

Headquarters: Josameto

Chief activity:

Nugoeihuvi is the largest manufacturer and distributor of entertainment products, as evident by its name (Nug-oei-huvi means play-relax-enjoy, the corporation is commonly called NOH).

Brief history:

NOH was originally a conglomerate of small companies that manufactured all kinds of luxury goods, ranging from delicatessens to quality furniture. But once the Caldari had formed their independent empire, they filled the void created when the Gallente entertainment business was cut out. Over the years the entertainment business has slowly become the main activity of NOH. The NOH have many times been accused of having dealings with the underworld, those rumors have never been proved or disproved.


CEO: Mens Reppola

Headquarters: Malkalen

Chief activity:

The Ishukone corporation specializes in producing hi-tech equipment, as well as machinery. It possesses the most advanced technology outside Jovian space.

Brief history:

The Ishukone was for a long time the weakest of the corporations. Their main activity at this time was in research, but they never seemed able to benefit greatly from any of their discoveries. Only in the last century or so have they bloomed and are today becoming one of the most powerful corporation in the Caldari State. The Ishukone corporation has always had strong connections with the Jovians, but no one knows how deep those connections reach.