Caldari Timeline

  • 2730 AD

    The solar system is fully colonized.

  • 3891 AD

    Warp technology is discovered.

  • 4224 AD

    Warp drives for ships invented.

  • 7703 AD

    The wormhole leading to New Eden opens.

  • 7987 AD

    EVE Gate opens.

  • 7989 AD

    The seventh planet in the VH-451 system is bought by a megacorporation, small-scale colonization starts soon after.

  • 8061 AD

    The EVE Gate closes as the wormhole collapses.

  • 8100 AD

    By this time most of the outposts on the planet have perished after the closure of EVE. Only a handful survives.

  • 8307 AD

    The automatic terraform process started by the megacorporation continued despite the social collapse and finally makes the air breathable.

  • 16262 AD

    First recorded civilizations emerges on Caldari.

  • 17453 AD

    The Raata-Oryioni and Fuukiuye Empires join under one rule. The new empire is known as the Raata.

  • 20998 AD

    The Raata empire falls and is divided into myriad small states.

  • 22517 AD

    First contact between the Caldari and the Gallenteans.

  • 22631 AD

    The Cultural Deliverance Society (CDS) arrives on Caldari Prime.

  • 22684 AD

    Isuuaya, the first Caldari corporation is established.

  • 22821 AD

    The Sotiyo-Urbaata drive, the first warp drive, is built.

  • 23155 AD

    The Gallente-Caldari War starts.

  • 23156 AD

    The Caldari leave Caldari Prime, never to return.

  • 23236 AD

    EST (Eden Standard Time) and the YC dating system established at Yoiul conference.

  • 23248 AD

    The war between the Gallenteans and the Caldari ends.