The Council of Stellar Management

The Council of Stellar Management

What is the CSM?

The Council of Stellar Management (CSM) is a player-elected council who represent the views of the members of the EVE Online community to CCP. To quote part of the CSM white paper summary:

The purpose of the CSM is to represent society interests to CCP. This requires active engagement with the player community to master EVE issue awareness, understanding, and evaluation in the context of the greatest good for the greater player base.

CSM and CCP Communication

Upon being elected, the members of the CSM are able to communicate closely with CCP through two primary avenues:

  • There are at least two summits held each term, in which the members of the council are flown to Reykjavik to spend three days in meetings with CCP staff. The staff who the CSM meet are from almost all departments, and the meetings are regarding whichever issues the CSM choose to raise.
  • Access to an internal forum which only the CSM and CCP staff have access to, where discussions regarding various topics can be brought up by either group in a less formal manner than the summits.

If you would like to read more about the CSM, please refer to the CSM white paper.