Interstellar Services Department (ISD)

The ISD Program

The Interstellar Services Department (ISD) is a long standing group of volunteers, split into several teams who graciously share their free time in order to assist in a variety of tasks that all go towards supporting and enriching the players experiences in the world of EVE. Many of the employee's of CCP originated from the volunteer program, which only goes to show you in how high regard we hold it. We are always looking for more players to join our dedicated teams and ISD is a great environment in which to lend your time and expertise.

Please find below information about the ISD volunteer teams.

The ISD Teams

There are several branches in the program and each has its own area of interest.

  • CCL logo

    Community Communication Liaisons [CCL]

    CCL is a group of volunteers who monitor the official EVE Online forum. It is their goal to support the community by helping to maintain the forums as a healthy venue for discussion and enhancing communication between CCP and players. The CCL team can point out threads to the EVE Community team who can then bring them to the attention of the relevant developers and teams at CCP.

  • ECAID logo

    Equipment Certification and Anomaly Investigations Division. [ECAID]

    ECAID is the volunteer team that works on quality assurance testing and bug hunting for all new patches and expansions. We work closely with CCP´s QA team to ensure that as many bugs and glitches are found and resolved before release dates. We work tirelessly to test all new features and reported issues from the player base, once verifying a bug we assignment them to a defect which is grabbed by the Quality Assurance team and passed on to the appropriate division to be resolved.

  • IC logo

    Interstellar Correspondents [IC]

    IC is a group of players who dedicate their time and energy to ISD to bring a wealth of news to the universe of EVE, surrounding anything and everything to do with player-driven events. From fleet battles through racing leagues to alliance tournaments, we aim to bring a broad spectrum of news coverage straight to your screen. Our reporters find stories, research them, interview relevant parties and produce the player news that can be found in the Player News Center, on the login screen and in-game.

  • Mercury logo

    Mercury [M]

    Mercury is a small team of volunteers that have specialized in everything fiction. Our job is to work with the CCP storyline department in the creation of fiction in many shapes or forms, be it news articles, descriptions, or whatever else is needed. We are looking for volunteers that have passion for the background story of EVE and a very detailed knowledge of it. Creativity as well as very good English and writing skills are an absolute must. You have to be able to write under a deadline and still maintain a high level of activity and a constant output of fiction.

  • STAR logo

    Support Team and Resources [STAR]

    STAR is the branch of the volunteer program that helps with player support. We specialize in helping players, new and old with any questions or problems they may have. One of our duties is to personally greet new players, giving them a good start in the game as well as welcoming them to the Eve universe. We also maintain a presence in the help channels providing moderation, support and answering questions where required. Our work can be challenging but is also extremely rewarding.

  • Yarr logo

    Yulai Archives & Record Repository Team [YARR]

    The YARR team are a group of volunteers who administrate the EVElopedia. It is our goal to support the community in making the EVElopedia an up to date, useful and easy to use resource.We do this by monitoring new content added to the EVElopedia, finding and reporting bugs to CCP and adding new official content such as Dev blogs and patch notes.

Applying for ISD

If any of this interests you then we would love to hear from you. ISD maintains a fun and productive outlook on volunteering and are always looking for the right kind of people to add to our teams.

To apply for a position within ISD you need to be 21 or over and hold an active subscribed account in EVE Online. If you achieve these requirements then please fill out the online application, choosing the team that you wish to apply for and answering the questions to the best of your ability.

Once you have applied you may have to wait a short time for the application to get processed by the volunteer team leads who, if they think you are suitable, will invite you for an interview and you then begin your application process.

Applicants will be subject to a background check pertaining to their activities within EVE Online and successful applicants will be required to sign an ISD Terms of Service and Non Disclosure agreements.

Apply now, ISD needs you!