What is the Toolkit?

The data export/toolkit is a means for the community, in conjunction with the API, to create 3rd party tools and/or websites. This toolkit includes data, images and files that are solely the property of CCP, but CCP will, as part of this process, grant you a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable and non- assignable license to use and display any part of the toolkit, for home, noncommercial and personal use. See details below.

Current Data

This toolkit includes the following items:

  • Map information such as solarsystems, constellations, regions
  • Jump connections, stargates, orbital bodies
  • Types, groups and categories for everything in-game
  • Manufacture and refining information for all types
  • Much, much more...


  • Icons
    Image sheets as used by the client cut into the sizes each icon is available in, as well as NPC corp logos
  • Renders
    512x512 images of ships, drones, structures, etc in the format [typeID].png
  • Types
    32x32 and 64x64 icons of all types in the game, including blueprints in the format [typeID]_[sz].png

Data exports are in the form of MSSQL database backups (.BAK), which third party developers can restore on their machines and extract the data into whatever form their application uses. If you do not have any available methods of working on MSSQL databases then try SQL Server 2012 Express Edition, which has the advantage of being free.

You can see some of our community websites in action that have benefited from this toolkit tremendously.

You can also join the irc channel '#eve-dev' on irc network 'coldfront' (, note that this channel is not an official CCP channel, but a community driven channel helping out anyone with challenging technical questions regarding the toolkit and EVE in general.

All data is now hosted on our developers website at

Legacy data

Legacy portraits

Current portraits should be obtained from the Image Server. Note that this service also provides current corporation and alliance logos, and type icons and type renders (that are also found in the and files above).

Legacy portraits can be found below. These are character portraits from the old character creator, i.e. the pre-Incursion expansion character creator.


As said above, all parts of this toolkit belong to CCP, but we will give you a license to use them, so long as you include the include the following attribution line if you use them in or for any website, media or anything other than personal enjoyment: “©CCP hf. All rights reserved. Used with permission.” You acknowledge and agree that you will not sublicense, assign or otherwise transfer this license or the toolkit and that no title to anything in the toolkit has been or will be transferred to you from CCP or anyone else. You also agree that you will not alter, disassemble, decompile, reverse engineer or otherwise modify the Toolkit.

Also, CCP reserves the right to revoke this limited use license at any time, for any reason, and at the sole discretion of CCP. You may not use our materials on sites that feature defamatory pornographic, or inflammatory content, including, but not limited to, hacks and cheats for EVE Online® or any other content that CCP finds objectionable or unlawful.