Awards and Accolades

EVE Online has a long history of providing award-winning and engaging content for its fans. Here's a rundown of some of the awards from media and fans alike, as well as reviews from around the world, both on the web and in print media, about our game.


Best MMO of 2009 Best Sci-Fi MMO 2009 Best Sandbox MMO 2009 Best Expansion 2009 2009 MMO of the Year 2009 Top 100 Games 2009 Best Community 2009 Game of the Year Most Innovative Feature 2008 Vision & Future Growth Develop Award MacWorld Award Gold Award Best Historical/Sci-Fi MMO of 2008 Best MMO of 2008 Top 10 Innovative Companies Félag viðskiptafræðinga og hagfræðinga Global Online Game Awards Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences Develop 2008 Sport 2008


GameStar MetaCritic GameFocus MacWorld Award REVIEW SCORE Great feeling, free and beautiful, with a grande addiction factor. Deadly! Forget Freelancer, EVE is the new Elite. Unparalleled scope to interact, explore and trade. Eve: The Second Genesis is the logical step for the MMORPG genre... They have now set the bar for the genre... An incredibly slick game... the closest to the Elite idea. Excellent Game Januari.
98%2003 Peliversumi (Finland)
97%2004 Gameland (Estonia)
93%2004 The Gamers Temple (United States)
91%2004 PC-Zone February 2004 (United Kingdom)
90%2003 3D Gamers (United States)
90%2003 Tiscali (United Kingdom)
90%2003 PC Gamer (United Kingdom)
90%2003 Super Play (Sweden)
90%2003 Gamevortex (United States)
89%2003 Game Chronicles (United States)
89%2004 PCPowerPlay #99, 2004 (Australia)
88%2003 Krawall (Germany)
98%2008 Gameswelt (Germany)
98%2003 PC-Zone (United Kingdom)
98%2003 Next Level Gaming (United States)
98%2003 (United States)
87%2003 PC Gamer (Sweden)
86%2003 (Belgium)
85%2003 Game Revolution (United States)
83%2003 PC Format (United Kingdom)
80%2003 Games Domain (United Kingdom)
80%2003 The Independent (United Kingdom)
80%2003 PC Magazine (United States)
80%2003 Gamekult (France)
80%2003 Internet Magazine (United Kingdom)
80%2003 IGN (United States)
80%2003 Armchair Empire (United States)
75%2003 Gamespy (United States)